Asking around, I learned of Berube Physical Therapy. Recent full knee replacement requires serious professional attention. While recovering in the hospital, I mention to the nurses, I was scheduled to have 10-12 weeks of therapy at Berube. Without exception, the reviews by those in the know; "Berube is first class. Your needs will be well attended to."

I'm in my third week. I've had previous PT experiences. There is no comparison. Dulcie and Jake are extremely well versed in their multi-level approach to my recovery. They do so much more than I ever would have expected. Not just attention to the obvious but scar tissue, other areas that are now readjusting to the new normal. Hip, the other leg, bruises, blood clots and probably things I don't even notice.

Next year, the other leg and knowing Berube will care for me.

Thank you guys!

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