Dulcie did with my husband what they said couldn’t be done. We spend 10 months at Immanuel Lutheran as Dulcie worked with him after his massive stroke. Dulcie has a knack for motivating and obtaining results, while making it fun! We love this girl and would unreservedly recommend her to any and all with physical therapy needs.

Lea H.

I live in Europe and visit my daughter here in MT every other year or so. I hurt my knee and visited several doctors at home. No-one could tell me what was wrong and give me relief of the pain I was feeling. My daughter took me to Dulcie Berube PT and within 3 treatments I didn’t have any pain and got the right information to give to my doctors at home. I sure miss Dulcie, she has been amazing for me!

Tonny P.

Dulcie really listens! My back and shoulders were so tight (from sitting at a computer all day) I could barely breathe or stand up straight. In less than an hour she “fixed” me – and after I few sessions I feel great! She gave me some exercises I can do on my own to improve my posture and reduce the stress on my neck and shoulders.

Jami E

Dulcie, congratulations! I reflect on watching you with our clients and you were a marvel to listen to. Our community is a better place because if you! Best of luck in your new practice.

Deb W.

Hands down the perfect place I needed when I was having issues with my hip flexor and running issues! Dulcie and staff were more than knowledgeable and steered me in the right direction to get me back into competitive running!!!

Luke O.

I walk in with pain at the base of my thumb joint and I walk out with 80% less pain??? Thanks so much to Dulcie Berube and Berube Physical Therapy!!! I’m telling you guys!! Check them out!

O’Brien B.

After a couple years of chronic back pain I finally decided to see a doctor. I had X-rays taken and discovered several concerns. My doctor referred me to Berube Physical Therapy. I had heard several good things about Dulcie so I decided to give her a try. We had a thorough consultation that was very informative to me. We came up with what seemed like a doable plan. After only 9 office visits I was good to go. Why did I wait so long? Dulcie gave me an in-home exercise program which I have implemented and am continuing. Knowing that help is only a call away is very reassuring. I would be happy to refer her to anyone who needs therapy. I am looking forward to the upcoming hiking season with a pain free back. Thank you, thank you Dulcie!!

Cindy C.

I came into Berube Physical Therapy due to the pain caused by a car accident. I was referred by my doctor and I am so glad I was, because it was such a wonderful experience. I was amazed at how quickly I began to recover due to their treatment and advice. The staff is very friendly and I’ll recommend others!

Eva B.

The balls of my feet were in constant pain. Standing was even worse. My job is spent over several hours on my feet. When I got off work, I could hardly walk. Stopping at the stop light I had to put the car in park because my foot hurt too much to keep in on the brake. I was almost thinking of amputation but decided to see Dulcie. Smartest move I made. After a few treatments with her I can even jump up and down on the ball of my feet without pain. I thanked my doctor for letting me be referred to Berube Therapy. I feel 100 times better than I did and would refer anyone and everyone to see her to get better. I am amazed at how much better I feel. She put a real smile back on my face. Thank you Dulcie!

Kathryn G.

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