Get Back in the Game

Sports rehabilitation services in Kalispell and Columbia Falls, MT

Berube Physical Therapy specializes in sports medicine and sports rehabilitation services in Kalispell and Columbia Falls, MT. Our staff is trained to work with athletes, and we treat a wide range of sports injuries. Sports injuries are serious, and surgery should be a last resort.

Physical therapists don't just treat your current injury-we can teach you how to prevent another one in the future.

If you have a sports event that Berube PT would be more than happy to assist by being present and offer taping, icing and Soft Tissue Mobilization services.

How do we treat sports injuries?

Sports injuries can cause serious damage to your bones, muscles and joints. Our physical therapists will suggest treatments that are designed to prevent long-term damage, such as:

  • Taping the affected area to give it support.
  • Applying an ice pack to the injury to reduce swelling.
  • Starting regular soft-tissue mobilization therapy.

Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment. We have three convenient locations-visit us in Columbia Falls or Kalispell, MT.